NGO Reports on Religious Freedom

Middle East Concern

Religion in the Middle Eastern region is almost entirely Muslim. Most of the countries in this area are under the Muslim Sharia law. The Middle East Concern assists persecuted Christians in the Middle East. They help in three ways: assisting victims in specific cases of persecution, they hold projects that address structural discrimination and they train Christians on practical ways to prepare or react to the situations. In 2005 the MEC advocated and assisted Christians who were arrested or suffered persecution. Middle East Concern has become a vital entity for religious rights and freedom.

International Institute for Religious Freedom
The institution works on behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance. It teaches studies in legal aspects and aims to publish literature. It suggests as well as teaches the study of religious freedom and it teaches theological studies. It has provided many services which include, publishing a book series in English and compiling an International bibliography. Anyone who wishes to contribute or has any suggestions is welcome to join the organization.

Laurantian Leadership Centre
This organization advocates for religious freedom nationally and internationally. They have found that where the church is growing there is persecution, so they encourage people to work closely with their governments in order to combat religious intolerance and keep Religious Liberty a high priority nationally and internationally.

North Pacific Religious Liberty Association
Besides fighting for Religious Freedom, the North Pacific Religious Liberty Association also represents ethnic and equality freedom. They are dedicated on promoting free exercise of religion and believe in the guarantee of religious freedom not just tolerance. They host seminars and other programs which help people around the globe to appreciate the fundamentals of Religious Liberty. [Jon Msimanga/IRLA News]