Working to promote freedom of conscience for every person, no matter who they are or where they live.

IRLA Partner Associations & Affiliates

Partner Associations

Associaςão Brasileira de Liberdade Religiosa e Cidadania (ABLIRC)

Association Internationale pour la Défense de la Liberté Religieuse (AIDLR)

Caribbean Religious Liberty Association (CARLA)

Chilean Association for Religious liberty (CARL)

North American Religious Liberty Association (NARLA)


IRLA East-Central Africa Region

Joel Okindo, okindoj(at)

IRLA West-Central Africa Region

Irineo Koch, aleluia757(at)

IRLA Southern Africa Region

Tonnie Katsekera(at)[email protected]

IRLA Euro-Asia Region

Oleg Goncharov, rellib(at)

IRLA Euro-Middle East Region


IRLA Euro-North Africa Region

Liviu Romel Olteanu, Liviu.Olteanu(at)

IRLA Inter-European Region

Rafaat Kamal, rkamal(at)

IRLA Inter-American Region

James Daniel, danielja(at)

IRLA South American Region

Helio Carnassale, helio.carnassale(at)

IRLA Northern Asia-Pacific Region

Si Young Kim, Kimsy(at)

IRLA Southern Asia-Pacific Region

Jonathan C. Catolico, Jcatolico(at)

IRLA Southern Asia Region

Wilson Measapogu, prmwilson(at)

IRLA South Pacific Region

Steve Currow, Stevecurrow(at)