IRLA Statement: Azerbaijan Situation

This statement is issued in response to media reports that chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations in Azerbaijan has made public statements to the effect that the IRLA is funded by the United States special services.

"The International Religious Liberty Association dismisses any suggestion that it is involved in, or receives funding for, covert activities on behalf of any country's special services. Such an allegation is untrue, and contradictory to the Association's core beliefs. The IRLA was founded in 1893 solely for the purpose of promoting and defending religious freedom and has continued to pursue that objective single-mindedly. It is extremely disappointing to receive reports that the Association's highly-regarded work in this area is being attacked and maligned in this way. The IRLA has a long history of working together with all areas of civil society, and is committed to aiding all governments in their support of religious freedom and human rights. As a non-denominational organization, the Association calls on all people of good faith to recognize the vital importance of its work to protect the freedom of conscience and the fundamental human right of religious liberty."

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