Dr Gallagher Visits Peru

News September 2005

Dr Gallagher (R) speaks at a religious freedom meeting in Peru

As part of the ongoing program to highlight human rights and religious freedom, Dr. Jonathan Gallagher, deputy-secretary general of the International Religious Liberty Association visited Peru. He attended a regional meeting on human rights education sponsored by the UN, and gave one of the featured presentations entitled "Human Rights, Religion, and Peace." He took advantage of the visit to hold briefings in Lima on religious liberty concerns, and spoke twice at the Adventist University. Interviewed by local radio station, he also underlined the vital importance of freedom of conscience and the right to believe as fundamental principles in a democratic society.

"Such a visit exemplifies the way in which we can work to change public opinion for the better," comments Gallagher. "By becoming involved in public dialogue and presenting our fundamental beliefs regarding the importance of the freedom to believe, we help others to recognize religious liberty as a vital principle in a harmonious society." [IRLA News]