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Romania, a Majority-Orthodox Country, Chooses a Protestant President

Although Romania is a majority-Orthodox country (86.5% of the population is Orthodox), it chose a Protestant president, Klaus Iohannis. It is the first time in Romania’s history when somebody who does not share the religion of the majority is chosen to take an important position in the state.

Religious liberty issues still exist, and some “pre-Decembrist” mentalities still last, according to the survey “Religion and Religious Behavior” carried out by the Soros Foundation in 2011, which says that 39% of Romanians do not wish to have “sectarian” neighbors or people from a different religion. At various times a discriminative attitude, based on religious affiliation, was highlighted .

In its public addresses, the Orthodox Church suggested that being Romanian is synonymous with being Orthodox and that abandoning Orthodoxy makes you less Romanian.

In Romania there are 86.5% Orthodox, 4.6% Roman Catholics, 3.2% Protestants, 1.9% Pentecostals, etc.