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Former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Robert Seiple Applauds the Choice of Rabbi David Saperstein

"David Saperstein has so many friends across denominational lines that he is often referred to as "my favorite rabbi."  Deeply held beliefs translate beautifully into behaviors that attract admirers.  But in addition to his personality, David commands respect because of his mind, and the wisdom and discernment that are immediately in evidence.  David has decades of experience in the arena of human rights, and more specifically, religious freedom.  Gratefully, he also understands Washington and what it takes to get things done.  He is comfortable in his own skin, cannot be intimidated, and can be counted on to bring both freshness and force to the international religious freedom scene.  From personal experience, I can say that he travels well, has mastered the art of listening, and will be able to negotiate religious freedom issues from a position of trust.  Obviously, I have a great deal of respect for David.  I applaud the choice (even if I had hoped that it would have been made a lot sooner.)."

Ambassador Robert Seiple