Passing on the torch: IRLA Secretary General speaks to students in Texas

Students catch vision for human rights advocacy

Dr. John Graz, IRLA secretary general, speaks to students at North Dallas Adventist Academy.

Feb 17, 2012 ... “We cannot stay silent when people around the world today are persecuted, or even killed, simply because of their religious choices,” said Dr. John Graz, IRLA Secretary General, as he spoke to students in Dallas, Texas, on February 10.  Dr. Graz was guest lecturer for three classes at Mountain View College, a community college with some 9,500 students located in northern Dallas. Graz says the students expressed a real interest in the state of religious freedom around the world, and the challenges faced by people who defend this fundamental right. Later that day, Graz also spoke to students at nearby North Dallas Adventist Academy.

On the following day, Graz preached two sermons at Richardson Seventh day Adventist Church. In the afternoon, he gave a lecture at the church which was attended by members of the community, including the Imam and a delegation of a nearby mosque.

John Petchkurow, a religious freedom leader in North Dallas, organized the college and church events, and expressed his delight at the positive reaction of the young people and students to the religious freedom lectures. Graz praised Petchkurow’s work, thanked both Mountain View College Executive Dean Dr. Cheryl H. Kizunzu and Pastor Dan Sterns for their support of these special events.