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Munich, Germany, First Religious Liberty Convention

On Saturday October 18, the first convention on religious liberty in Munich was held in the Mittelsschule an der Cincinnatistrasse 63 (Middle School at the 63rd Cincinnati Street).  Most of the 600 attendees came from the ten Seventh-day Adventist churches in Munich. The guest speaker, IRLA Secretary General John Graz, gave a report on the state of religious freedom in the world. He encouraged the participants to be more involved in the promotion of religious freedom for all. 

“Promoting and defending vigorously religious freedom for all is the best answer to religious fanaticism,” he said. According to him, religious intolerance is coming back again in its worst way as in Iraq and Syria, where people are killed if they don’t recite portions of the Quran or don’t want to convert. 

Graz invited the organizers to work through the IRLA European partner association (AIDLR) and to hold on a regular basis a Religious Liberty Convention, a religious liberty concert and other public events. According to the organizer of the convention, Pastor Miodrag Jovanovic, the message was well received and plans should be made in the near future to renew this convention or to hold a festival of religious freedom. One of the organizers, Pastor Heidemarie Klingeberg who had invited the speaker, said that this first convention has helped people to understand the fragility of our freedoms and the necessity to defend and promote it.

--John Graz, Secretary General, International Religious Liberty Association