IRLA urges South Sudan to make human rights a “cornerstone of national identity”

Building a culture of freedom will be one of country's most important tasks

The newly born country of South Sudan may face tremendous economic and social challenges, but according to Dr. John Graz, Secretary General of the International Religious Liberty Association, it also has before it one very significant opportunity: the chance to define itself as a nation that upholds democratic principles of freedom and human rights.

“The birth of a nation is a momentous event,” says Dr. Graz. “As the people of South Sudan frame a constitution, assess their resources, and craft policies, we pray that the leaders and lawmakers of the nation will set a course that will contribute to the promotion of freedom, justice and the wellbeing of all its citizens and of the foreigners who dwell among them.” 

Dr. Graz adds, “It’s our hope that human rights, as delineated by the United Nations, will be secured for all the inhabitants of the newly formed country.”