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IRLA Religious Liberty Tour Has Wheels!

Who could have thought a busload of 24 religious liberty leaders would have such fun tracking down history on a tour of Italy, Switzerland and France. And who would have expected that such a normally irrepressible group would be complaining of the blistering pace--well, blisters at least-- from walking from locations like the Roman Coloseum to the Arch of Titus and then on to the Tomb of Paul.

Things only got better (!) when in Geneva we walked the town from the Reformation wall to a small chapel near their St Peters Cathedral-- all in search of John Calvin and the trail of great events of the Reformation. Somehow we managed to fit in a visit to the UN and "free time," otherwise known as walking to find supper. Today we left Turin, Italy, in high spirits for a few enchanted hours at Torre Pellice, home of the Waldenses and their long struggle to practise a pure, Bible-based religion. As we saw in a cave styled as the chapel of the mountains, that led to secret services and oftentimes massacres at the hands of soldiers sent to eradicte a faith that did not comport with the dominant Roman Catholicism.

We are halfway through the tour but already irrevocably drawn into a narrative of reformers who persisted in spite of threats and changed the face of religious life from Europe to the Americs and laid an enduring foundation of religious freedom at all costs.
Lincoln Steed, Editor Liberty Magazine and the man in row two of the black tour bus!