Inter-America IRLA Gears Up for 2012 World Congress


Israel Leito, president of the Inter-America chapter of the IRLA, has pledged strong support for 7th IRLA World Congress to be held in April 2012. 

Strong support may push attendance to record-breaking numbers

Leaders of the Inter-America chapter of the IRLA have pledged an all-out effort to help make the 7th World Congress, to be held next April in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, an outstanding international event.

Inter-America IRLA president Israel Leito made the commitment at a training seminar for IRLA leaders and representatives in Miami last week. Saying that he and his team would do everything possible to generate support for the three-day congress, he added: “We will make sure that every country of our region will be well represented, and we will invite the Religious Affairs Ministers of Central America, Mexico, Jamaica, the Caribbean islands, Colombia and Venezuela.” 

Roberto Herrera, Inter-America secretary general of the IRLA, said the strong support of President Leito will boost attendance. He estimates that the number of participants could reach 1,000, making the 7th World Congress the largest one to date.

Cesario Acevedo, IRLA Dominican Republic president, says the congress is already generating a high level of interest among leaders and government officials in his country. Government officials from Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, and Jamaica have also expressed interest in sending representatives.

John Graz, IRLA Secretary General, said he was both impressed and thankful for the strong support expressed by the Inter America chapter of the IRLA.

The 7th World Congress will be held April 24 to 26 and will be the first such event to be held in Inter-America. Previous congresses have been held in Cape Town, South Africa, and Manila, Philippines. The event traditionally attracts religious freedom scholars, legal practitioners, government officials, human rights organizations, and religious liberty experts from around the world. Registration begins in September.